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The Mission of
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Build high-quality, lifetime relationships through providing
exceptional products and services that enhance the financial lives
of our Catholic communities.




Terri Maloney


Sharon Ziegler
Financial Services Representative


Stephany Gisler
Financial Operations Manager


Linda Kampa
Financial Services Representative


Chad O'Brien
Branch Manager, St. Cloud


Brenda Schuhwerck
Financial Services Representative


History of the Catholic United Financial Credit Union

Catholic United Financial Credit Union was chartered by the State of Minnesota in May 2001 as Catholic Aid Association Credit Union. In the early 1990s, the Association was seeking to provide more value to its membership. As a result it embarked on a plan to form a Foundation and a Credit Union. The Catholic United Financial Foundation was formed in 1997 to promote fraternalism and charity and to support the Roman Catholic Church. The Credit Union was formed in 2001 to provide excellent financial products and services to Catholic United Financial members and their families. In 2010, the name was changed to reflect the name change of the parent company. In 2011, the Credit Union merged with Catholic Credit Union of St. Cloud, bringing the membership to more than 5,000 people.

The Credit Union Benefit

Credit Unions were formed as member-owned cooperatives organized to promote thrift and make loans from accumulated savings. Credit unions are not in business for profit, but for service. They encourage members to accumulate savings out of income as a means of building economic security for themselves and their families, ultimately helping them help themselves to a greater degree of financial stability. Members save in a variety of savings accounts and that money, in turn, is borrowed to other members. After operating expenses and reserve requirements are met, loan income is returned to all members in the form of dividends and other services.

NCUA Insurance

The National Credit Union Administration (NCUA), a federal agency, insures each member's funds up to $250,000. This is an aggregate limit for all savings, checking and certificate products. In addition to individual NCUA coverage, accounts held jointly, in revocable trust accounts and in IRA accounts carry separate insurance protection up to $250,000 each.

Board of Directors

  • Harald Borrmann, Board Chair
  • Gary Gall, Vice Chair
  • Michael McGovern
  • Eugene Lieser
  • Michael Ahles
  • Peter Ryan

Supervisory Committee

  • George Gmach
  • Dave Fadness
  • Jim Gibbons

Credit Union Fees

As of May 1, 2017.  Fees subject to change. Click to download a PDF copy.

Deposit Account Fees

Check returned for NSF* or Uncollected Funds

$30.00 per check

Check paid with NSF* or Uncollected Funds

$30.00 per check

Deposited item returned due to NSF or other reason

$10.00 per item

Stop payment of check (or series if lost or stolen)

$20.00 per occurrence

Check Printing

varies by style

Counter checks (set of 4)

$3.00 per set

Money Market Savings below minimum balance monthly

$10.00 per month

Foreign Item Collection $ 10.00

Automated Clearing House (ACH) Fees

ACH item returned for NSF* or Uncollected Funds

$30.00 per item

ACH item paid with NSF* or Uncollected Funds

$30.00 per item

ACH item returned to CU due to NSF* or other reason

$30.00 per item

Stop payment of ACH item

$20.00 per item


ATM/Visa Check Card Fees

ATM withdrawal fee after 6 withdrawals per month
ATM surcharge fee varies based on ATM owner. Avoid surcharges at MoneyPass Network. Click on the ATM Locator to find surcharge-free ATM machines.


Daily dollar limit for ATM withdrawals


For Visa check card purchases


ATM Withdrawal/Visa Check Card purchase paid with NSF* or Uncollected Funds

$30.00 per item

Depositing an empty envelope in an ATM machine

$25.00 per occurrence

ATM Card/Visa Check Card Replacement

$5.00 per card

Rush delivery of replacement card

$20.00 per card


Loan Fees

Loan delinquency fee (after 15-day grace period)

5% of the payment due or $20, whichever is greater

Loan payment returned due to NSF* or other reason

$25.00 per occurrence


$25.00 per loan per occurrence if approved

Replacement coupon book

$10.00 per book, Free on It's Me 24/7  online banking

Consumer Loan application Fee

Home Equity Loan application Fee



Miscellaneous Fees

Official check (after one per day)

$2.00 per check

Balancing of account/Account research (one hour minimum)

$20.00 per hour

Garnishment Levy


Active Bill Pay Service Fee


Inactive Bill Pay Service Fee $3.00

Check Cashing Fee

1% of total check ($5.00 Minimum charge)


Copy Services

Cleared check

$3.00 per copy, Free on It’s ME 247 online banking

Current activity

$3.00 per request, Free on It’s ME 247 online banking

Deposited item

$3.00 per item


$3.00 per item


$3.00 per statement, Free on It’s ME 247 online banking

Prior year tax information

$3.00 per copy, Free on It’s ME 247 online banking


Wire Transfers

Domestic outgoing

$15.00 per wire

Foreign outgoing

$50.00 per wire

Foreign incoming

$5.00 per wire

Notary Service

Free to our members


*Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF)



Download a PDF copy of our member newsletter.

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