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Catholic United Financial members and their relatives are eligible to become members of Catholic United Financial Credit Union, as are employees and parishioners of our partner businesses and parishes.

Membership is also open to:

If you are not a member of Catholic United Financial, click here to learn more about becoming a member. Once a member of Catholic United Financial, membership in this Credit Union Catholic United becomes one of your benefits.

Membership Process

Membership is established upon approval of a membership application and deposit of at least $10 in a Membership Savings account. Each member has the right to one vote, regardless of deposit balance. A volunteer Board of Directors is elected at the annual meeting to represent all members. Once you join the Credit Union, you may remain a member for life, even if you no longer meet the initial membership requirements.

The Credit Union Benefit

Credit Unions were formed as member-owned cooperatives organized to promote thrift and make loans from accumulated savings. Credit unions are not in business for profit, but for service. They encourage members to accumulate savings out of income as a means of building economic security for themselves and their families, ultimately helping them help themselves to a greater degree of financial stability. Members save in a variety of savings accounts and that money, in turn, is borrowed to other members. After operating expenses and reserve requirements are met, loan income is returned to all members in the form of dividends and other services.

Eligible Organizations

Employees of the following companies, including their spouses, blood relatives, and children can join, along with stepchildren and adopted children:

  • Catholic United Financial, St. Paul, MN

  • MECA Sportswear, St. Paul, MN

  • Employees and board members of Epiphany Studio Productions, Minneapolis, MN

  • Catholic Community Foundation, St. Paul, MN

  • Dunrovin Retreat Center, Marine on St. Croix, MN

  • Directors and Volunteers of World Apostolate of Fatima

  • Catholic Holy Family Society , Joliet, IL , Employees and Members


Parishioners of the following churches and organizations

  • Church of St. Agnes, St. Paul, MN

  • Church of St. Bernard, St. Paul, MN

  • Church of St. Patrick, St. Paul, MN

  • Holy Spirit Church- St. Cloud, MN

  • St. Mary's Cathedral - St. Cloud, MN

  • Newman Center - St. Cloud, MN

  • St. Michael's Catholic Church- St. Cloud, MN

  • Sacred Heart Catholic Church- Sauk Rapids, MN

  • St. Patrick's Catholic Church - Sauk Rapids, MN

  • St. Anthony's Catholic Church - St. Cloud, MN

  • St. Paul's Catholic Church- St. Cloud, MN

  • St. Augustine's Catholic Church - St. Cloud, MN

  • St. Peter's Catholic Church - St. Cloud, MN

  • St. John Cantius Catholic Church - St. Cloud, MN

  • St. Wendelin's Catholic Church - Luxemburg, MN

  • St. Joseph's Catholic Church - Waite Park, MN

  • St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church - Sartell, MN

  • St. Mary Help of Christians - St. Augusta, MN

  • Immaculate Conception Catholic Church - Rice, MN


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